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Depending on how often things change, we may not put out messaging every single time. However, we are going to work on getting some messaging out on our official Twitter account when the sales change. Due to character limits we still probably wont mention exact details on what is on sale each time but we can let you know to log in and check quick to see! Still, don't entirely rely on that since we may not message it every time. The best option will always be to just open the store quick and check if your logged on

Well I don't know what you are going to do but you have failed for the second time to advertise the Solus Secant properly, and as a direct result I have once again not been able to buy it. So not only am I upset, because I was waiting for it for over a month just to miss it again because it was only up for a day that I happened not to log on (not in the least because of how stale the game has become), but you have also lost my business on this item... how does this benefit anyone? Next time either leave the item on for a reasonable amount of time or make sure to announce it properly. It's just my suggestion but frankly if you don't do something like this you are just going to end up losing money, up to you folks /shrug.
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