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So you can believe that Force Barrier can be the ultimate CC breaker that nothing can get through but not that Electronet can prevent it?

Force Barrier is treated like an escape. Escape is something that gets rid of CC effects. With the exception of electro net, that is exactly what it does.
Here is where you are missing the point of Force Barrier. It is a defensive measure. It states it stops ALL damage, all control effects, and anything else applied to the caster of the barrier. It is not an escape, period. You cannot move while channel it. You cannot cast anything but the barrier, thus a defensive measure, NOT an escape. Why is that so hard to understand?
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In addition some may argue that even if it's a "defensive power", it's absolute defense, and so it surpass even "escape powers" and can be used as a replacement or equivalent or even be considered an "escape power".
As stated above, it is a defensive measure and nothing more. Thereís no argument about it. No Sage or Sorcerer who channels Force Barrier can do any other action but channel the barrier. No damage, stuns, slows, roots, or other measures can affect the caster. Heck, Iíve popped the barrier on Lucky and nothing he did (or any other champion or world boss) could affect me. However, somehow some lowly Merc/Trooper can affect me and prevent me from using Force Barrier with Electro Net? This is not working as intended. Force Barrier is not an escape it is a pure defensive measure and nothing more or less.