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07.30.2013 , 09:44 AM | #22
I think Electronet was meant to be something over the top, something unbreakable. If that would not be the case, each CC breaker would destroy it, as well as cleanses... that would be too easy to counter and it would not fulfill its role. Following this logic, no CC-breaker and cleanse should break it, and Force barrier should not except.

Still following the same logic, although Force barrier is not made unavaliable, it conflicts with what is allowed and what is not, and that's probably why your Force Barrier instantly stops and goes on CD.
I think the only fix you can hope to see, is that Force Barrier will be greyed out and made unavaliable when under the effect of Electronet, like Force Speed. I may be wrong, but if they fix it to allow to break Electronet, then all other means should work as well, and the ability will lose its interest.

In addition some may argue that even if it's a "defensive power", it's absolute defense, and so it surpass even "escape powers" and can be used as a replacement or equivalent or even be considered an "escape power".