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While what you state may be true, the fact that the tool tip for Electro Net specifically mentions "high mobility and escapes," prior to "such as" (meaning examples) means that it should not stop Force Barrier from activating and countering that Crowd Control Measure.

If they do change the tool tip to indicate that Electro Net can do this, they will have to change it from a CC to specific attack ability with secondary affects. Furthermore, the tool tip for Force Barrier will have to state that it cannot break Electro Net. They do that, then they'll have to include anything that is similar in nature to Electro Net, such as slows, roots, and snares that are associated with attack powers. In other words, they will render Force Barrier a near useless defensive measure from what it original was intended to do.

I cannot believe they intended Electro Net to be the ultimate CC that nothing can break it. And before you say, use your CC breaker on it, I did and it did not break it. And yes, my CC breaker was available and it, like Force Barrier went on cool down.
So you can believe that Force Barrier can be the ultimate CC breaker that nothing can get through but not that Electronet can prevent it?

Force Barrier is treated like an escape. Escape is something that gets rid of CC effects. With the exception of electro net, that is exactly what it does.
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