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1. I am a jedi master looking to do whatever is necessary to assist the galaxy and the research being conducted by Czerka seems to be the most promising of oppurtunities.

2a. I single handedly dueled and destroyed the Emperor of the Empire with nothing but my own strength, fortitude, and a pair of lightsabers, additionally I managed to mask any fear I had as one of his prime tactics is to feed off peoples fear.
2b. While defending Alderaan from the invasion of the Empire I managed to defeat the Champion of the Great Hunt, Cipher 9, the Emperors Wrath, and Darth Nox.
3b. In addition to defeating the Emperor I have killed a total of six members of the Dark Council (excluding Nox) they are: Darth Arho, Darth Acharon, Darth Decimus, Darth Serevin, Darth Angral, and Darth Hadra.

3. In order for me to have made these accomplishments I needed a large amount of personal strength and endurance as well as receiving the skills and assistance of my crew members. And if the objective involves assisting the galaxy in some way I will do whatever I believe is necessary to accomplish that goal.

4. While I have a moral compass I do not let it get in the way of the task at hand as long as it has a long term benefit for the galaxy.

5. I would immediately identify the problem that is allowing the experiment to escape and if I cannot solve the problem myself, I would call upon the skills of my crew members. And if all else fails I would end the threat the experiment presents permanently.