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The goal of the program is to allow a chance for each Representative to start a dialog about what is considered their classes top 3 issues with developers. I know sometimes Classes can feel ignored and this will allow a very direct dialog.

Will this guarantee changes are made to classes? Absolutely not, and I do not want to have that expectation in place. I can guarantee you though that our Combat team is very excited about this program to help get feedback directly from the players about each class. They will certainly use these top 3s to help inform future Class balance decisions.
For what it's worth, please make sure that you clearly inform the class reps what you expect to get from them. There appears to be some confusion and uncertainty about what exactly they should or can submit, and what they will get back in return.

The Powertech class rep, for instance, started a nice round up thread about the class issues, but he seems to think, and stated in the original post of the thread, that class reps can only pose "questions" to the developers, and not raise "issues" or give "feedback." So it looks like he thinks the class rep cannot just present to you that X ability, which is part of the core rotation, is badly broken, and maybe here are some things that players think would make it work again. Instead, the discussion there has been framed around abstract queries like "What is the role of a DPS Powertech in PvP?" Which, for what it's worth, I don't see that kind of generic Q&A helping anyone out, you or the players.

The way you have presented this, and the way you're talking about "getting feedback" here, it seems like this is meant to be a conduit for focusing the dialogue between players and developers in the hope that the biggest outstanding issues with each class will get brought to center stage and given a serious look, with either a serious and reasoned reply as to why things are as they are, or (perhaps) some actual plans for changes made.

If this is a correct reading of your plans for this program, then please make sure all of the class reps understand that.