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The polls have closed, and it looks like I'll be your Sentinel representative for this round (thank you!). Down to work…

We have three questions to fill. One of those needs to be about PvP. As a general structure, I see the following immediate points:
  • Focus/Rage viability in single-target PvE fights due to low sustained DPS (~9% behind on dummy parses)
I will address this one issue because I only play Focus:

1. Why doesn't Zealous Strike reduces the target's armor by 20% for 45 seconds as does the Guardian's Sundering Strike.

2. Needs a Force Push to immediately finishes the cool down of Force Leap.

3. Doesn't get a immediate cool down on any skill as does Combat or Watchman.

4. Zealous Leap doesn't benefit from 4 piece PvP Weapon Master bonus.
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