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I believe this is correct. I remember a quote from pre-summer of SWTOR, to the effect of there being a second subscriber appreciation gift towards the end of summer.

Strictly speaking, the Revan title wasn't subscriber only.

My guess would be that since many of the vocal minority on the forums were up in arms about cartel coins not being a good enough gift for them, BW decided not to give us anything ever again. Ever.

I'll browse the forums to see if I can find that original quote as well.


Found the quote from the live stream event on TORWARS:

During the LiveStream Q&A something was mentioned about subscriber appreciation. To give you a bit of a back story, one of biggest concerns of Subscribers has been feeling undervalued. Jeff Hickman himself addressed these feelings saying:
“…that it’s super important” to BioWare that their Subscribers as well as their Free-to-play players feel valued. So, in July, there will be a Subscriber only benefit near the beginning and near the end of the month in order to make Subs feel valued.”