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I think the strengths and weaknesses adressed here are simply meant to be like that and I find them to be quite well balanced: With Focus you have one specc that shines brightly in PvP and the AoE department, if it were competitive in PvE as well (where you need stong single target DPS), that specc would be OP.

Combat does highest DPS in PVE plus enormous initial burst both in PvE and PvP. If DPS peaks were not dependent on RNG at all and you could deliberately control burst DPS it would be totally OP.

Watchman is quite a bit easier to play than Combat, fair enough that you can't pull the highest DPS with it. Dots are a very convenient play style as your target takes continuous damage even if you don't do anything, so you have to make it a littler harder to keep those Dots running.

I do agree Gunslingers are probably a little too strong since 2.0 but I'd rather give them a slight nerf than push Sent speccs...
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