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Just as a preface to this post, I think the Engineering questions are excellent and would love to see them get answered if they are proposed.

For the sake of discussion though, I'm not sure it's the best one. As it stands, our combat roll is insanely powerful as a defensive tool in progression/nightmare content. As the spec is, it's fairly niche. Moving the damage away from the combat roll and into another ability doesn't really solve the problem. The highest DPS rotation will *still* involve using the combat roll (unless it's nerfed to the point of being a terrible ability), so the spec will *still* not be used on difficult progression content because the roll will need to be saved for those mechanic avoidance issues (looking at you, Dread Guards). Combine that with the fact that either way you are required to essentially be an extra melee, I don't feel it's worth it to change for PvE. In terms of PvP, it's still a great spec regardless of what happens to the roll because of it's area denial ability.
This makes sense. Even if Scatter Bombs did 200 DPS (nerfed) and the DPS "transferred" into SoS, or stays the same and does 600 DPS, it will ALWAYS be part of Engineering's rotation. Regardless of how high it is on the priority list, a boss where all 5 bombs can hit will always be more optimal than running it on a boss where only 1 bomb can hit. Right now all we can have is get an answer (if we do decide to pick this question), to give everyone some peace of mind (lol) regarding this spec.

Right now the only thing i'm sure of is that Roll in place IS unintended and to expect a fix for that soon.
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