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You can get only one replacement at a time. Or at least I did...
I don't remember the last time I needed 2 replacements in a fp, but it would suck that group finder gives you an incomplete group. I don't remember ever getting a match (on an ongoing flashpoint) with a partial group. I always see the full group, with everybody's names and classes

Few weeks ago, on an s&v run, a tank "disconnected" and a healer "was needed asap" on his main after the weekly got done. I asked a friend to heal. He accepted and queued right away. He didn't get into the group at that point. I was dpsing so I dropped the group to switch to my tank. It wasn't until I queued that my friend got the match to that op group (plus the dps spot I left)

Anyway, strange group finder may give you only one replacement when you need 2. Specially considering that there's a really good chance you don't complete the flashpoint if you dont have a healer or tank