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Looking at the Engineering parses we have (with scatter bombs) and comparing it to the parses with no scatter bombs, Covered Escape seem to be doing 17%-20% of your total DPS. Looking at some specs, Lethality's Cull and Marksman's SoS and FT (20% if not more than, of their DPS) do you think that Scatter Bombs is doing too much damage? In Aerallo's 3500 DPS parse and 2800 DPS parse Scatter Bombs did ~17% of his DPS. This is less than Cull or SoS/FT in their respective specs.

i hope eric doesn't mind me reposting our PMs...

At least we are on the right track.
Yea I saw that but like I said previously, those are top-tier parses without any regards to mechanics or battle positions. Personally I've always hated we couldn't use Takedown on the dummy although I understand why and those have the same issue but in reverse Eng has a perfect situation dummy for DPS.

Also saw the new add-on question it sounds a lot like 5, just more generalized to all specs, PvE 11 is for me now.
I would actually go and see if we can merge 3,5 and 11.

I loved 12 but I prefer to talk about bonus set at the moment.


Oh yeah, regarding DPS composition, any spec will have a focus on a certain skill, having 20% on Covered Escape is not the issue it is actually the big health drop in 2 GCD that's annoying people, should I say that Smash still does a big hit as well and they haven't changed it much?