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Engineering is getting some heat over at the 2.0 DPS Leaderboards thread. You can read more about it here. From Page 5 up to around page 9 i believe. Takes 5 minutes!

My reply after reading through is this.

Anyone else want to ask the devs their intention behind this spec so we can get through with it once and for all?


Am i intended? Or am i just clever use of game mechanics and should i expect a nerf?
When I brought the roll in place into attention during PTS I was hoping for that kinda of feedback and/or fix. It came live so I believe it is only clever use of game mechanics just like wall rolling (don't agree with it being fixed but I'll accept it). Engineering is a high-risk/high-reward spec, any misplacement and the DPS drops but when properly executed it will shine.

As you said yourself Paowee, Enginneering is only viable on a selected boss fights and PvP wise it is so easy to bait them. Although I do want an official response on them :P which is why I picked PvE 5 :P