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Ok can we talk actual "other" questions. You know issues that don't have to deal at all with PvE or PvP.

Customization Character/Companion looks are pretty important to me. We've seen adding of customizations for C2-N2 and 2VR8, but how about some love for a droid companion with currently no customization options. I of course speak of everyone favorite droid out to kill us, SCORPIO.

-More to come-

Or how about this. It's been brought up a few times but never addressed in any fashion. The tech classes in general don't feel the presence of their color crystal as much as force users, and the suggestions a few brought up for snipers was the ability to change the color of our portable cover screen based on our color crystal. Do you think it would be possible to implement something to this effect?

We've seen plenty of cartel market sabers with some nifty affects, especially the introduction of the color crystal affecting other features besides the saber color (looking at you Saber staff with a color changing center crystal. I would like to see more of this on sniper rifles (and other blasters), because power crystals aren't as visually stimulating on blasters as they are on light sabers. Would it be possible to add more Sniper Rifles with effects on them that respect the Color Crystal, be it Laser Sights, displays, etc. ?
Capt i've added your question to the PVE list. But keep in mind eric did post some guidelines on how our questions should be made.
As you compile your top 3 keep in mind that the goal is provide commentary and specifically questions to the development team which you wish have them address. Try to phrase things in the way of questions that we can answer.

Bad example: You guys are aware that we suck in PvP right?

Good example: We feel that in general our class lacks some utility and cc in comparison to other classes in Warzones. As an example (your reasoning), do you guys feel we are in a good place here? Do you also feel this is an issue?
Brief and precise. Also it looks like its possible to have "2 questions," something like a follow up to your first question. It doesn't necesarily have to be a "one-liner"
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