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Looking at the Engineering parses we have (with scatter bombs) and comparing it to the parses with no scatter bombs, Covered Escape seem to be doing 17%-20% of your total DPS. Looking at some specs, Lethality's Cull and Marksman's SoS and FT (20% if not more than, of their DPS) do you think that Scatter Bombs is doing too much damage? In Aerallo's 3500 DPS parse and 2800 DPS parse Scatter Bombs did ~17% of his DPS. This is less than Cull or SoS/FT in their respective specs.

i hope eric doesn't mind me reposting our PMs...

Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco
Looks great so far! I will definitely be in touch on Thursday are so to make sure you are just about ready for Friday

Although it seems like you guys are definitely well prepared!

At least we are on the right track.
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