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Engineering is getting some heat over at the 2.0 DPS Leaderboards thread. You can read more about it here. From Page 5 up to around page 9 i believe. Takes 5 minutes!

My reply after reading through is this.

Anyone else want to ask the devs their intention behind this spec so we can get through with it once and for all?


Am i intended? Or am i just clever use of game mechanics and should i expect a nerf?
I am concerned that with such an emphasis on the damage of covered escape, the engineering tree has went from being a ranged skill tree to being a Pseudo Melee based play style (well to the extend you need to set up close to the boss to make full use of covered escape). It definitely doesn't seem intended. Reliance on a skill that was from what it seems to be a defensive maneuver to a primary offensive seems a little counter intuitive. It is interesting but I wonder if it was their actual intent.