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  • RNG issues in Combat/Carnage
This is primary thng where I would like to see some explanations, so glad to see it on the list.

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  • Watchman/Annihilation viability in PvP due to ramp up time and low burst
  • Focus/Rage viability in single-target PvE fights due to low sustained DPS (~9% behind on dummy parses)
While Watchman makes for perfect pvp question to meet quota, I feel same thing is also issue for few PvE fights with heavy downtime and also requiring burst(Operator IX comes to mind). This also touches issue of Focus a bit, as in "are specs supposed to be so specialized as to fall behind other ones on fights not friendly to their mechanics". Maybe it's by design, maybe by accident, wouldn't mind to hear answer to that from Devs.

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  • Focus/Rage cannot benefit from Inspiration/Bloodthirst due to Centering/Fury stack inhibition
This also means Focus Sentinels are bound to lose out on focus or Centering when using Zen at above 0 Focus, as spending focus during time Zen is generating it does not give Centering due to same rule as one interrfering with Inspiration. I'm not sure how big difference it makes to player playing Focus to it's full extent, but assuming such player does wait for Centering stacks, changing it to generate centering for Focus players when under effects of Zen/Inspiration could help with DPS in PvE, while not affecting it too much in PvP as there Centering generation is increased by getting attacked and focus generations by Leaps,
I also have strange feeling after playing Jugg for a while that their version of Focus/Rage is bit more reliable in PvP due to ability to use empowered Sweep/Spash directly after leap, almost always directly after leaving spawn, but I also have strong dislike to comparing utility of single abilities between two classes, si I'll leave it at it

Quote: Originally Posted by akabane_k View Post
The first is that the icd of the proc is long than the cd of gore.
(...) Realistically, this means that you must use gore as soon as it comes off cd, or the previous gore buff runs out.

Also, Gore is a buff whose effectiveness depends on the other abilities that have cds(fs,ravage,berserk).
Agreed here, as those two are also my primary two issues to dislike RNG dependant Combat. Inner CD of proc refreshing CD being longer than natural CD means that you have to use it moment it procs, or risk making whole flow of combat a mess. On top of that, ability that you have to use is buff, so it requires you to be able to fully take advantage of it at any moment it can proc for maximum effect. And again, on top of all that, it can only proc randomy of another random proc or of BR forcing Ataru(still at 45% chance). Prepearing for burst phase I consider fine. Losing one Prceision due to it proccing on bad skill like Leap, initial Zealous Strike(especially in pvp) or Double Saber Throw when outside melee range, is not good. And waiting for 3 or 6 or 9 seconds at 'prepeared to burst' state for proc that just does not want to come is simply frustrating.