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07.29.2013 , 05:38 PM | #18
As for your question, I am writing up a blog post today (it won't be posted until next or or possibly the week after because it needs to be translated and rubber stamped by my bosses and their bosses and their bosses bosses and their.... you see where this is going :P) that will explain this aspect of Warzone Arenas and more! Sorry for the tease but it's an in-depth answer and best to keep all the where, whys, and hows in one place.
Perhaps Eric was just jesting for effect here, but assuming he was not, this statement says a lot about the hierarchical structure of EABW. That a blog post needs several levels of approval and control shows that the process of control is out of control itself. No wonder Bioware does not move fast. They are not allowed to.