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So I'd like to understand how the Gunslinger Saboteur build can be so high compared to other pure dps builds, the sent for instance. Doesn't this show the Sab build is a little op and may get a nerf at some point.

Now before someone goes off on one me about nerfs I'm not asking for anything to be nerfed, I myself have 3 slingers.

I'm simply asking because a guildie says its fotm for sab slingersa then and means less competition for the other classes and possibly in need of a nerf if it really pulls 500 odd dmg more than anyone else...
Hi Macabdul! This is the problem i can see with Engineering parses here in the forums. Prone to misconception. The way Engineering does around 20% of its DPS is using the ability Covered Escape/Hightail It. If you are an Engineering or Saboteur Sniper/Slinger, using Covered Escape/Hightail it drops 5 bombs in a trail behind you. The trail is 18m long. If the boss is wide enough so that you can roll through its entire width and drop all 5 bombs, then the spec's potential outmatches your other Sniepr specs. However if you are fighting humanoid or small bosses, OR bosses that are mobile and move a lot, conversely the spec will do less DPS compared to the other Sniper specs.

Quote: Originally Posted by Carlenux View Post
Even if u master or idk cheat and use Macro for jump + bombs, which can fail too, or boss have big reticles and get hit by it too much
That is going to get fixed in a future patch according to Bruce McClean in an interview by someone during the SWTOR San Diego cantina event. No need to worry about that.

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I was referencing the sniper roll spec
Don't mind odawgg. He wants Engineering nerfed!

P.S. I think only Engineering (and maybe Lightning Sorcs and smash Warriors) can take the crown away from Mercs in terms of AoE

Now onto some ~facts (based on: Large bosses = Engineering ok)
NiM Scum and Villainy
Dashroode = large enough for Engineering to work
Titan 6 = large enough for Engineering to work
Trasher = large enough for Engineering to work
Ops Chief = Engineering is not optimal (boss uses flashbang as well on melee)
Olok = Engineering is not optimal (mobile adds and bosses)
Cartel Warlords = Engineering is not optimal (mobile bosses
Styrak = Engineering is VERY sub optimal (last time i ran Engineering i was 300K behind what i normally do as MM)

3 out of 7 bosses

NiM Terror From Beyond
Writhing Horror = large enough for Engineering to work
Dread Guard Council = Engineering is not optimal (EXTREMELY mobile bosses. lay down your plasma probe ~12-15% of your DPS and watch Ciphas run out of it)
Operator IX = large enough for Engineering to work
Kephess The Undying = Engineering is not optimal (too small)
Terror From Beyond = Engineering is doable

2 out of 5 bosses.

Or 5 out of 12 bosses. Less than half the relevent gear dropping bosses is where Engineering is higher DPS compared to Marksman (a spec that can run 12 out of 12 bosses and be optimal on each one), or DoT spec (that can run 12 out of 12 bosses and do exceptional DPS on some bosses and only slightly less DPS versus MM, against other bosses).

Rhetorical question:
If we were to nerf Engineering because of its ability to do its optimum DPS in less than half the boss fights in this game... well... WHY? MM can do its optimum DPS in 12 out of 12 bosses. DoT spec maybe 10 out of 12. Should we nerf those specs as well? Because clearly they can do their optimum DPS on double the number of bosses as Engineering.

Non-rhetorical question:
We will never know until we get an answer from the Devs. Is Engineering/Scatter bomb DPS on large size bosses working as intended. Or is it all just clever use of game mechanics that someone found out and then started posting about all over the forums?

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