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I am curious as to why Czerka Corporation would allow the Republic to seize control of certain assets of the company.

I've heard from a few sources that the Sith Empire has garnered complete control over a new substance called Isotope-5, which allows for the manipulation of gravity itself.

If my said sources are true (they have yet to be wrong), it would be much more beneficial in the long run for Czerka to partner with, and build weapons for, those who control such an isotope.

Just because GSI stays neutral, it doesn't mean Czerka has to.
The designation CZ-198 means something, and the Empire intends to see that it continues to do so.
In fact, if the scientists of CZ-198 are willing to sign an exclusive contract for all future weapons and droid designs with the Empire, we will station an entire fleet to protect their research moon. In fact, we promise to increase the resources they have for testing by supplying them with technology from the Schism Collective, Rakatan Empire and Gree Enclave. I have some technology from the obscure Arcanum that might prove to be very useful indeed when combined with the aforementioned Isotope-5, their creator Lord Fulminiss called them the Seeds of Rage...
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