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First off, congrats on the nomination. I've read some of your posts and it seems like you know and care about the game.

I like you're 3 "immediate" questions. The watchman one I see a lot of on the forums as well. Another question I'd like to put forward is, "Are there any plans to bring sentinels/marauders up to be more in line with gunslingers/snipers." Being as both sents/maras and slingers/snipers are pure dps classes, their dps should be closer to each other than they are. (I'm looking at and the thread in the forums for the dps leaderboard for 2.0). I don't think BW needs to take their infamous Nerf Bat to the class and I understand that a lot of their dps comes from AoE's, but Ops dummy parses still have them ahead of sents/maras on single target.

Hopefully I'm not coming across as, "I'm not leet anymore, make me leet again", I really like where slingers/snipers are. It would just be nice to our numbers were about equal.
Things look pretty close to me. Sentinels/Marauders can do about 3.15k on the high end, which is right in line with what Gunslingers/Snipers can do (at least within a few percentage points, given that Gunslingers/Snipers can inflate their numbers with an end-parse burnout). I don't count Sabo/Engineering as a real spec since it requires some *very* specific circumstances to achieve its maximum (obscenely high) DPS.
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