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I posted this in the nomination thread awhile back, and suggested it was an example of a good question:

The simple version of this question is why does Watchman/Annihilation under-perform in PvP. I know it is a bit wordy, but I think this could still count as one question. And, I think it would be great if something like this was asked.
The reason that watchman spec does not work for PVP is mostly because of the merciless buff only lasts 15 seconds, and watchman spec takes way too long to ramp up. I've tried annihilation spec several times in PVP since patch 2.0, and the primary thing about the spec, is that if I got a 4 stack of the merciless buff, then the spec did very nice damage. The best solution would be to tie the merciless buff to Juyo form (1 second per stack, for a total of 6 seconds). This would make the ramp up time much faster because of Juyo form stacks accumulating quite fast.

Note, the buff that I proposed wouldn't change PVE DPS much for long battles.