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07.29.2013 , 04:06 PM | #4
the rng problems of carnage come down to a couple of things, firstly no sure way of getting an execute proc. unlike pre-2.0 blood frenzy. other autocrit proc(thundering blast, rage-spec smash, ap-railshot) are 100% to occur.

secondly, slaughter rng comes from 2 issues. The first is that the icd of the proc is long than the cd of gore. the second is slaughter procs off of ataru form dmg, which is random and uncontrollable. This leads to the problem that if you do not immediately use gore, you have 5 seconds after the slaughter proc occurs to use that gore, in order to avoid getting a slaughter proc when gore is off cd and wasting it. However, many times the proc occurs during gore, which cuts down on the time before you can use it to between .5 and 5 seconds. Realistically, this means that you must use gore as soon as it comes off cd, or the previous gore buff runs out. Also, Gore is a buff whose effectiveness depends on the other abilities that have cds(fs,ravage,berserk). Due to the previously mentioned timing problem, you cannot wait a few seconds for these abilities to come off cd. This causes gore to encourage an inefficient playstyle, where you cannot control burst unless you stop attacking entirely(as burst is dependent on having 2 gore windows) and instead of timing your attacks, you are forced to use whatever is off cd at the moment.

basically, this problem could be fixed if slaughter procced off massacre dmg instead of ataru form, and maybe give gore 100% chance of an execute proc(90% of the time, you have the proc anyways, this would just help with bad rng).