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Well, one thing that comes to mind is actually related to your first point. Bear in mind that I'm a Combat Sent predominantly but have had to learn Watchman to teach my guildies how to play it effectively, but Watchman/Annihilation needing to build stack of Merciless/Annihilator in order to do max damage in both PVE and PVP is pretty huge. Particularly when you have fights like Titan 6 where you can easily lose the 4 stacks or the Dread Guard if you get unlucky with the timing on Doom. I'm not entirely sure how the whole building stacks thing could be solved (maybe add something attached to Valorous Call to build 2 stacks when used?) but the question of increasing the duration of the Merciless/Annihilator buff I feel needs to be asked.
As far as your other points go, you are spot on. Focus is for most fights a liability in terms of progression (particularly if your group comp can take care of the AoE situations with minimal help) while the RNG on Combat can be frustrating at times. That being said, for Combat spec returning a guaranteed autocrit on Blade Storm (2 or 3 consecutive Blade Rushes forcing the proc similar to 2 Charged Bursts forcing the Trickshot proc for Sharpshooter Gunslingers may just do the trick) would help alleviate the RNG issues and turn the spec from being total chaos to partially contained chaos.
In all, congratulations on the nomination KBN, I know you'll get the most reliable information to the devs and represent us well like you already do.