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It's probably a rotation issue or you may be using roll/sever tendon too often. I can typically maintain 60-80% in sustained combat, but if you make a mistake at any point its very easy to find yourself dry.
I only roll whenever I need to vanish out of combat, other than that I don't use it too often. I don't trust my teammates enough to roll all the way to the ball in HB and throw it back so that's out of the question lol. I only use sever tendon when I need to stop an enemy from leaving prematurely, it may be an issue on my part. I might have to change my rotation a bit to help with this. if anyone has any tips for me, I'm all ears.
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I guess without the effect and all the sabers flying around it could tough for him to tell which one was his. Wouldn't want to catch the wrong one. My friend lost a EWH saber that way. Caught someone else's Recruit saber and then the other quit and logged out.