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Sorry for being so late, but I want to suggest a question that extends the 'Lethality-question'. It goes as follows:

How do you see the following specs compared to each other in terms of viability, strengths/weaknesses in high end content (HM, NiM Ops): MM, Engineering, Lethality, Engineering-Lethality hybrid? Like this we would also hear about the other trees which I, personally, would like (especially since this could give us insight about their plans concerning the roll).
3 answers hidden in one question. Is this even possible (eric? ). I'm down for this one if everyone is lol What does everybody think?

For PvP: row 8 of the PVP questions is very nice (would be a good question for PvE as well, for another iteration maybe)

Third question: Yeah, the question, whether the roll will be essential to avoid boss mechanics is an important one. The timing is so close.
So i take it your vote is PVP 8 and (3rd Q) PVE 4?
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