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07.29.2013 , 02:22 PM | #47
Sorry for being so late, but I want to suggest a question that extends the 'Lethality-question'. It goes as follows:

How do you see the following specs compared to each other in terms of viability, strengths/weaknesses in high end content (HM, NiM Ops): MM, Engineering, Lethality, Engineering-Lethality hybrid?

Like this we would also hear about the other trees which I, personally, would like (especially since this could give us insight about their plans concerning the roll).

For PvP: row 8 of the PVP questions is very nice (would be a good question for PvE as well, for another iteration maybe)

Third question: Yeah, the question, whether the roll will be essential to avoid boss mechanics is an important one. The timing is so close.