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07.29.2013 , 01:47 PM | #72
This is what you do.

This is why I strongly recommend treating everyone you meat in pugs like garbage.

Constantly point other peoples flaws out. Cuss at them when they mess up. Laugh at their gear. Over all make them feel like a child. If they kick you who cares eventually you will find a group that won't take it personally. Then I would suggest rolling a sage, that way if anyone in the group has anything to say about your potty mouth, don't wait from them to remove you just run up right behind the tank and rescue him. As soon as he dies click exit area. Once the dust settles tell them you are sorry you fat fingered your rescue. By this time they will all be complaining, get in there rinse repeat.

Sure you will be removed, but you know what being removed from a FP sucks, but the laughter from the process of elimination = priceless