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sorry dude but it is definitely OP and cheesy. In my opinion the bombs should drop based on the distance you travel so if you just roll head first into a wall it'll allow that bombs.
No luck with the copy/paste thing, and yeah, we use internet exploder.

well maybe a bomb or two, but surely not all five.

I'm not going to go out of my way to cry for a self nerf - I do understand the counterargument with smash and spreading out. I just unequivocally want the jumping/roll exploit gone ASAP. If Bioware says "rolling bombs into a wall is legit" then I mean hey - at that point I'll defer to what respected folks in my server community seem to think. I'd rather lose and have a good personal reputation then the opposite. I'm generally a good person in real life, and this game, besides some occasional trolling for entertainment purposes, is something I've never aspired to be any different...
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