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Purerage himself has showed great intelligence and upstanding throughout this thread. You yourself are the one who has responded back in snide comments and format. He is a really nice guy, and as far as players on our server go, he's easily one of the best and most helpful to the community. Posting on the forums means that you have some spare time outside of game to burn. Not everyone does.

I don't have to see you play to know that you are good, just looking at the numbers side, you are obviously skilled at the class.
I haven't responded to Purerage once. I've been addressing Krunchy. I'm a sarcastic and blunt individual, and my posts reflect that. I make little effort to be courteous to those that don't merit courtesy.

I've heard nothing negative about Purerage; if he ends up ahead at the end, then (as I've said previously) I hope he is capable of collecting and presenting the data effectively. I know that I would do well with it, just as I know Arktip would, because there is enough of a body of work to show that we would. I don't have that same confidence in Purerage, because I don't know him . None of my comments were digs at him, and if they were construed otherwise, then that is unfortunate.

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My point is this, both of you are probably equally skilled at your roles in pvp/pve respectively. But PvP is where the game needs to be balanced right now. Not PvE. That should be blatantly obvious, and you need to remember, for a long time I was the top marauder for PvE on our server along with Beastfury. Not just on our server, I was one of the top ones in the game, and I will freely admit that the PvE side of this game at the moment is much more promising and well thought out than the PvP side. A lot of the issues that PvP players will bring up are similar to PvE concepts, so there should be little issue for you or any other PvE'r to at the very least concede one of the 2 slots for a mirror class to a PvP'r.
First, the Guardian rep is going to be a PvP-centric player, so this "conceding one of the 2 slots" argument is pointless. Second, the representatives aren't going to be involved in any sort of balancing. And if y'all think they are, or those that are Reps use this as the platform for their pet projects to the detriment of their communities, then this program is doomed to fail.

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Ignore Krunchy if you want, he's a really good troll, and it shows because you're rising to it.

I don't appreciate how you responded to me, it was a sincere comment and quite honestly, if you lose its because largely of how you've acted here in this thread. Purerage has not campaigned for himself much at all, others have for him but I'm sure the same can be said of you.
Quite honestly, if I lose because of how I interact with a troll and a condescending reply to you, then oh well. The numbers trend shows the truth of how and why I was surpassed in the voting, and all I can do is reiterate, again, that if Purerage wins the vote, I hope that he does the job well. His buddy coming around and acting like he has been has, admittedly, soured my faith in that, so I hope to be proved wrong.