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The rolling into a wall, I'm not so sure about. I will use this in normals, but based on the ranked pvp population opinion on pot5, I will not use this in rateds provided I don't see anyone else on the other team use it. The ranked community has had gentlemen's agreements in the past adhered to by many (for example, bubble stun)
I implied it from this post. I thought that is what you said.

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if that's not OP, I'm not sure what is. I mean the only thing close would be auto-crit smashes which happen every 20-30 seconds.
I don't think its OP because you have to roll-in-place to do it, which is going to get fixed according to Bruce McClean from SWTOR San Diego cantina event. And once that gets fixed you can only do it when you are standing beside a wall.

If you are playing competitive ranked WZs, and if you are a melee, you should know this and do the necessary steps to avoid it. But yeah the sniper can look for opportunities to knock you back against a wall and roll on you. Meh, i guess that can be argued.

I think the argument for scatter bomb OP is hard to justify because you have to knock the person to a wall, do a roll or double roll, and that is assuming the other person is AFK or not doing anything to counter what he should know you are about to do (assumption in high ranked play).

When you see this trick done to you once, you should be able to do something to prevent it in the future. I do stun double roll combo in solo q wzs a lot and i see some 'knowledgeable' people who know how to deal with it. one time a sorc bubbled it, a marauder UR + healthpot it, an operative evasion cleansed the roote, mercs, operatives in general can all cleanse the root, i've seen a BH use hydraulic overrides to remove the knock back root ( i was sort of dueling him the entire Civil war match and he knew it was coming).
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