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2.4 is about gear grind.

Quote: Originally Posted by Never_Hesitate View Post
They actually stated that the new gear will be achieved differently.
Grind is mmo. So with that being said
t-.- right here buddy
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It's a mmo so sure it is about a gear grind
I do not have very good hope in what they will be doing. They have just been to focused on the Cartel Market to really make anything good lately. The direction of the game is just depressing to me.

With that in mind I fear this:
It will more than likely be a a new kind of Grind called Cartel Market Grind. Or (CMG) for short.
Basically you are supposed to pay a little here and little there through the Cartel Market for each peace of gear before in order to get the full set of gear. Then to wear it you need to pay another little bit of Cartel Coins. In the end the total cost of the Full set of gear is more than $10 total. After which you can add it to the collections for even more Cartel Coins.

Sounds a bit pessimistic of me but hey they have not been very impressive as of ate. So I fear more Nickel-And-Diming.
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