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I tried decorum 6 months ago when 2.0 hit the PTS. I was told to l2p, mostly by pvp players. My frustrations boil over when I read blurted out idiotic statements like "Kitru doesnt pvp tank"

I apologize to any fellow sins and or shadows I might have slighted with my words. I am a very pissed off customer at this point. See the interview with AP then take a look at the DPS numbers. I get livid. We have been lied to, and I am starting to wonder if it is not a personal vendetta against our ac. That kind of gross incompetence is possible, but we are talking about programmers.
I understand. There are many of us displeased with certain decisions made. Let's try our best not to jump at each other's throats. Best we can do is have a civilized discussion and come to an agreement on what needs to change. Even if we do not completely see eye to eye, trying is better than nothing.
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