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My understanding of the sniper roll/bombs is it's un-intended design (especially the one where you don't even have to pin the guy up against a wall). The one where you manage to jump and roll in place has got to be abusing an unintended mechanic that bioware should fix. Today - not at some random patch weeks into the future. I've done it once or twice, laughed, then felt dirty afterwards.

The rolling into a wall, I'm not so sure about. I will use this in normals, but based on the ranked pvp population opinion on pot5, I will not use this in rateds provided I don't see anyone else on the other team use it. The ranked community has had gentlemen's agreements in the past adhered to by many (for example, bubble stun)

I can't read that doc either unfortunately, its blocked at work (which is where I do like 95% of my forum reading).
So you mean to tell me in POT5, Engineering snipers can't camp a wall (in ranked is this even something ideal to do in competitive play??) to serve as a deterrent to any melee who might want to target him?

It's not as if camping a wall is even a good idea in maps like Huttball (objective), the side nodes of civil war (makes you a sitting duck for ranged DPS, novare outcoast (unless you sit inside the "garage" and limit your line of sight to probably 50% of your enemies).

Are wall camping Engineering snipers IN RANKED such game breakers that you guys agreed to let Engineering specs play but agree that they can not stand beisde a wall? This is really odd to me. I'd think that Engineering/Saboteur is used for area denial and not wall camping so melee will think (oh he is beside a wall) i better just ignore him or get nuked by wall rolling scatter bombs).
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