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This spec has been called strange, confusing, and sometimes even impossible. I assure you that if you take the time to master every aspect, you will do phenomenal DPS in ANY raid situation.
8m with any 3 dps of sage/sentinel/vanguard/scoundrel type and any combo of VG/Shadow tanks.

Not only will you do 8% less damage than best possible, everyone else with high energy/kinetic output will also do 5%+ less damage.

Such is the burden of having two dps specs but only one with the universal raid booster of an armour debuff even though the other desperately needs it.

Also you're claiming 3200dps on a dummy for 5m?

I'm intrigued because my own best is 2866dps and even if someone was giving me an amour debuff it would only reach approx 3064dps without a sub30% boost from DoT. With a sub30 boost it still wouldn't make 3200.
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