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When posting why you donít try a bit more decorum. This kind of post does nothing to help the community only show it how truly ignorant you are. As for your quote above, whoever is chosen needs to represent everyone and the two leading candidates I feel will do that well.

I tried decorum 6 months ago when 2.0 hit the PTS. I was told to l2p, mostly by pvp players. My frustrations boil over when I read blurted out idiotic statements like "Kitru doesnt pvp tank"

I apologize to any fellow sins and or shadows I might have slighted with my words. I am a very pissed off customer at this point. See the interview with AP then take a look at the DPS numbers. I get livid. We have been lied to, and I am starting to wonder if it is not a personal vendetta against our ac. That kind of gross incompetence is possible, but we are talking about programmers.