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To my knowledge he uses the pre 1.7 set bonus. The Eliminator gives me 15% crit on Charged Bolts and 8% damage to HiB. I sincerely hope you aren't using the stock-strike set bonus.
yes, but in this guide, you say that you're using the 1.7 set bonus, so i'm asking if you just copied over from odawgg's thread without editing or if you are actually using that one.
EDIT: i see that it's been changed now

i'm not sure where you got that i could be using the stocktrike bonus, but to clarify, using the current +8% HIB dmg set bonus.

Hyper Barrels makes Bolts cheaper and Full Auto's Cooldown less.
yes, the -3 i mentioned is the reduction from hyper barrles that just makes it the same as it's always been, and nothing has been changed for full auto as far as i can tell.

but you said in your guide that charged bolts and full auto are cheaper now when they're the same cost as they've always been though.

Yes, Plasma Grenade has a high initial hit as well as the best Dot we have available. It is not an elemental periodic effect so only using it below 30% presents no damage gain.
i don't only use it below 30%, but i guess that's good to know it doesn't benefit from burnout.
i just tested and your are correct. i guess it was silly of me to think that a 6s elemental dot would be considered a periodic elemental effect.
i feel like it's a good attack, but this gives me less reason to justify using it without reserve powercell or recharge cells.

you don't have ammo issues, and it doesn't mess up your rotation?

I use Full Auto right after HiB the rest of the time, because nothing is going to be proc'ed in that time anyway and it'd do more damage than 2 Charged Bolts.
thanks, i'll try this out
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