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It was blatantly obvious that the 2k remark came from a Ranked PvP perspective, if you couldn't work that out from the fact the discussion is Majorly PvP orientated and the rest of the post went on to talk about PvP.

Seriously - Nibbon is your PvE rep that is blatantly obvious from the other poll, so what if you need to go to the sage thread to post comments for him. (were not still in the days of OMG nerf sorcs but Sages are ok are we? used to crack me up on release lol)

At the end of the day the people majorly content and competing with Sorc will rarely post because every time a good player states its a game play issue the QQers jump on board and tear them to pieces, that alone is a major reason im backing Psi for Sorc rep from a PvP perspective because then it gives us a voice higher up the chain in PvP instead of some whiny skill ;lacking fool, its quite literally that simple.
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