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are you really using the dread guard eliminator set bonus or was that just copy pasta from odawgg's?
I said 2.0, I guess the tier is underworld/ KD now.

To my knowledge he uses the pre 1.7 set bonus. The Eliminator gives me 15% crit on Charged Bolts and 8% damage to HiB. I sincerely hope you aren't using the stock-strike set bonus.

Quote: Originally Posted by oaceen View Post
i'm not sure what you mean by charged bolts and full auto being cheaper. it's exactly the same as it's always been (just -3 to the cost of charged bolts to compensate for the increase cost for non-assault commandos)
Hyper Barrels makes Bolts cheaper and Full Auto's Cooldown less.

Quote: Originally Posted by oaceen View Post
also, just a clarification question: are you saying to use plasma grenade every time it's available?
i, like you, only use reserve powercell with PG, but that's also the only time i use plasma grenade unless the target is under 30% and occasionally with recharge cells if i've having trouble dumping ammo
Yes, Plasma Grenade has a high initial hit as well as the best Dot we have available. It is not an elemental periodic effect so only using it below 30% presents no damage gain.

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where are you getting 24% damage increase for HIB? i see +6% Hyper Barrels, +9% Rain of Fire
what am i forgetting?
EDIT: are you counting the set bonus for +8%? is that just a typo then (23% instead of 24%)?

also just an edit: plasma cell has a 34% chance to trigger now (25% native, 9% from superheated plasma)

Quote: Originally Posted by oaceen View Post
half as much ammo is only slightly less?

but i do agree with you on the uselessness of full auto in terms of resetting HIB. if it procs, you have to wait out the 3s cast to use HIB.
and then, again if it procs, you have to proc it exactly 6s later with CB to use FA again after it comes off cd, otherwise, i don't see the point of having a 12s cd for the skill.

that said, it does have a higher chance to proc plasma cell than 2 CBs, and it's good for ammo management every now and then i suppose, but i don't find ammo management much of an issue, even with keeping IR up all the time
The only time I use Full auto to proc HiB is at the beginning of the rotation. This is to establish the dots and compensate for energy cells taken from Dots.

I use Full Auto right after HiB the rest of the time, because nothing is going to be proc'ed in that time anyway and it'd do more damage than 2 Charged Bolts.
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