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07.29.2013 , 03:25 AM | #7
For two months we have asked for tank balancing and not nerfs. I think the shadow community is the most understanding and we do not condone how BioWare does class balancing by taking from one class and giving to another. It took over a month to get a reply in our forums form the community manager and not Jesse Sky. Which is a bit ironic because Jesse Sky felt the need to reply, instead of Eric, in the 'separate HM/NiM mode lockouts' thread. We have asked nicely, we are still asking nicely but this time using a language BioWare speaks : nerfing one class at the expense of the weaker. Having said that, I will promote, from this day forth, Guardian Tank nerfs and if you think I am a fanboi who hates the game and cries for nerfs all the time, check my post history for the past months and you will see that all my posts say ' guardians should not be nerfed, they are okay'.

I have changed my tune as this is the method which gives results. Shadows were nerfed all the time due to the daily cries in the PVP section. The majority cried nerfs and the minority cried balancing. The majority won so we are taking a page out of that book and we support Nerfs. So having said that please find below :

1. Saber reflect is an OP skill that is not bugged like resilience. Saber reflect does not have the 200% and 5% chance to be hit. Saber reflect works all the time and is an OP skill favoured by Jesse Sky. Look at the content design leaning towards saber reflect and completely ignoring resilience. Either both work or none at all, that is balancing. We are talking about nerfs here so increase the cooldown on it, like you did with resilience when you re-did the skill tree.

2. Guardian defensive cooldowns are OP. Guardians are the only tanks that have a 100% survival chance at Sunder in HM taking two 'The End' in a row. The other tanks cannot do this and another point in favoritism. Increase the coodldown of saberward as it was pre- 2.0.

3. Guardian mean mitigation profile is poor, however, it has perfect spike mitigation profile. Drop the spike mitigation profile and improve the mean mitigation profile. This brings the tanks closer in terms of spike damage and increase the chance of the guardian almost dying in cases where other tanks do and the guardian facerolls.

4. A poorly geared Guardian is able to clear SV/TFB HM 8 man 16 man without any issues. The vanguard follows closely but the shadow needs to be BIS and played at a very high skill cap to actually stay alive. This discrepancy should not exist, nerf is needed to bring the tank in line with the others.