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07.29.2013 , 01:56 AM | #22
My vote went to Purerage, and I think there are some very good reasons for this:

-Class balancing is going to go directly towards 2.4 arenas.
-Juggs in PvE are very solid and strong, there aren't actual issues with them. They fulfill their role better than the other two hybrid tank/dps AC's
-Juggs in PvP only one real viable spec and that is the tank tree.
-Balancing around PvP using some of the top players of the class results in: better synergy/balance in PvP, next to no changes that will affect or change PvE, no nerfing of other classes unless they are BLATANTLY overpowered.

You have to understand, Lift is a great player, but PvE is something that isn't going to hugely decide whether or not this game has longevity in 2.4. PvP will decide that.

I think that because you either post or don't post much on the forums doesn't mean much. What should matter is whether or not you know the class, and want to provide back invaluable help to the community and balance the class. The best place to do that is PvP, because in the current gamebuild most PvE classes are very close to each other and the only place where they aren't so close to each other is PvP.

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