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Biochemical Engineer.

1. I want to be part of the family so that I can help those out in the field by providing them with stronger supplies to help defeat those that would otherwise destroy them without these advances in biochem. I would do whatever is necessary to progress in my field for the greater good.

2. I, along with those in my group of trained soldiers, found the legendary treasure of Nok Dray and used this money to help improve ourselves to help others I did many things to earn the title "Warstalker" by fighting enemies non-stop and killing tons of imps,

3. By doing anything possible I can along with my trained associates in battle and yes I would do whatever it takes to get success whatever the company asks me to do I will complete as fast as possible doing whatever it takes using my abilities to the best of my ability

4. No I don't have a strong moral compass lets just say during my years of smuggling goods and treasures I did many "questionable things" to get what I wanted.

5. I will do my best to hide and get rid of this failed experiment and if it goes to far ill bring out by blaster rifles and end its life before it can end mine and those around it.

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