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Hello my Commando Brethren!

I can't seem to find much info on the spec I use to blast my way to the top of the PvE charts, so here is a guide to compile all of my knowledge and to add others as time goes on.

I intend to bring all of you Gunnery Mandos into the light of not having to manage ammo, increased raid mobility, and procs that actually proc.

Anyone in gunnery has felt the pain of firing grav round after grav round never seeing that Full Auto cooldown reset.

Disclaimer: This is all in Commandonese, so you Mercs are gonna have to learn something.

Special Thanks

Personal Bests


Current Gear


*Commando Assault Spec 2.6 Guide*

- Kantner

This spec has been called strange, confusing, and sometimes even impossible. I assure you that if you take the time to master every aspect, you will do phenomenal DPS in ANY raid situation.

I. Skill Tree
II. Gear & Stat Goals
III. Abilities & Priority System
IV. Tips & Tricks

I. Skill Tree

Full Assault Spec 2.5 PVE Spec 0/10/36

Assault Hybrid Spec 2.6 PVE Spec 1/12/33

New Talents for 2.6:

Hyper Assault Rounds - 100% chance to get Plasma Cell from Explosive Round every 6 seconds. Very useful when resuming DPS after a phase or during certain burn phases.

Suit FOE - Reduces periodic damage dealt by 30% by casting Field Aid on yourself. Incredibly useful for survivability on high ticking force dots you receive from bosses (Such as Withering Terror from Kel'sara).

Electro Shield - Even more survivability, whilst doing elemental damage to your current attacker.

Degauss - Turns Diversion (Your Threat Debuff) into a defensive cooldown. It increases your defense chance to 30% for 6 seconds, which is much more than your average tank is going to have.


*I distribute my 3 bonus points in Deadly Cannon for more Full Auto damage and then 1 point in field training for the Crit buff. If you have no desire to use Full Auto, put all 3 points into Field Training and you will do roughly the same damage (10-50 dps lower).

*If you are not fortunate enough to have an armor pen from a Guardian Tank, Gunslinger, etc; go 0/13/33. You only lose 1% Crit and the armor debuff from an occasional Grav Round will last quite a while.

II. Gear & Stat Goals


Stats: Aim = Accuracy > Power > Surge (72.96%)

This spec hits the target 3 times as much as Gunnery would (# of attacks). This is one of the many reasons I do not use Crit at all. Another reason I don't use Crit rating is because the spec gives you a whopping 7% ranged and 4% tech Crit. Alacrity is provided in the spec and should not be in your gear stats. (2% from Weapons Calibrations and 2% from Rapid Recharge

Detailed BiS Gear Sheet:
Full 78 AMR Profile:

III. Abilities & Priority System

It's all about the Bolt. Even without the cushion of armor penetration from a Guardian Tank, Gunnery Commando, or Gunslinger; High Impact Bolt receives a grand total of 23% extra damage, as well as 60% armor penetration and a 30% bonus to the critical multiplier. The key is to get the bolt proc'ed as fast as possible whilst maintaining your dots. It is very important that either Plasma Cell or Incendiary Round are always on the target so certain bonuses to HiB are granted.

In 2.4 HiB was buffed, just to add the icing on the cake that it is without a doubt your most important ability.

Your Dot priority should be Plasma Cell > Assault Plastique > Incendiary Round > Plasma Grenade/Electro Net

You can't really control when plasma decides to apply, so the best you can do is keep up with the rotation as fast as possible. Get as many hits in so the 34% chance of the cell to apply is maximized. If all else fails and the cell refuses to apply, you can always throw in an explosive round for a 100% chance to get the cell.

HiB also refreshes the cooldown of your plasma cell's effect. Yet another reason to keep things flowing.


*It is important to note that in this spec you are not a slave to a certain amount of energy cells to sustain consistent raid DPS. First of all, Charged Bolts is now cheaper, and Full Auto is on a lower cooldown, so you can spam them much faster than you could a Grav Round. In addition, High Impact Bolt gives 8 cells back on burning targets, which means if it procs you actually gain cells back. This means you can actually have lower cell regen, about 3/4 ticks should suffice. You could even blow nearly all of your ammo, keeping enough to proc the bolts, and hammer shot in between. Hammer shot gains 9% damage to burning targets in this spec, so you lose only about 200 dps if you don't know anything about ammo management. Luckily all you Gunnery Mandos have that Painted on your helmet at this point.


Single Target Priority:


Opening Burst
You reach your peak threat generation at around 5.3 seconds so I would pop the threat debuff right after the 2nd High Impact Bolt.

1. Relic/Adrenal
2. Dot Spam (Incendiary Round, Plasma Grenade , Electro Net)
3. High Impact Bolt (It is important you do this after Incendiary, but before any casted abilities)
4a. Full Auto (Should Proc High Impact bolt) 4b. If HiB bolt didn't proc do Charged Bolts until proc.
5a. 2 Charged Bolts 5b. Begin Rotation
6a. Begin Rotation:

This is taking into account every GCD. You need to do certain abilities (Especially Charged Bolts) One right after another.

2.6 Priority System

*You are able to proc a High Impact bolt every 6 seconds. In between Bolts, there are several "rotation fillers" you can use:

1. HiB, Charged Bolts, Hammer Shot, Charged Bolts, HiB
2. HiB, Full Auto, Charged Bolts, HiB
3. HiB, Incendiary Round, Charged Bolts x 2, HiB (When you need to reapply the Dot)
4. HiB, Hammer Shot x3, Full Auto, HiB (If you have low ammo)

*With the lower cell cost of IR in 2.4, Filler 4 is more viable at the current time.

If done correctly you should proc HiB within 6 - 6.3 Seconds of eachother. This means for every time the Serendipitous Assault relic activates you are GUARENTEED 1 HiB and several Dot ticks in addition to any casted abilities you may do in that time limit. This more efficiently uses the power than Gunnery could.

*Always use Reserve Powercell for a Plasma Grenade. The cooldown of both Reserve Powercell and Recharge Cells has been reduced due to the talent Rapid Recharge in the 2nd to last tier. This means that for 2 out of the 3 Plasma Grenades, (cooldown of 30 seconds) you can use either of these abilities to regain your ammo to its optimal regen limit. This leaves only 1 time where you would have to even remotely worry about your cells.

Grenade 1. Reserve Powercell
Grenade 2. Recharge Cells
Grenade 3.
Grenade 4. Reserve Powercell
Grenade 5. Recharge Cells
Grenade 6.

*On movement heavy fights, such as Dash'roode, Dots are super important. Between Shield points I will use explosive round every 6 secs with Incendiary Round to maximize DPS with my Hammer Shot. I am also able to get away with a premature high impact bolt by casting Full Auto for a split second. This doesn't always work but is useful when you have to keep moving.

Multiple Target Priority:

This is somewhat different from Gunnery:

1. Mortar Volley
2. V-6 Pyro Grenade + Hail of Bolts (Gives HoB the 9% Damage buff from the grenade burn)
3. Pulse Cannon
4. Plasma Grenade

*All commandos should be using the V-6 Pyro Grenade until we have an instant cast 5 target AoE or an unlimited target AoE

*I don't normally use sticky grenade but it can be useful if all the adds are about to die from an allied aoe (like a flyby) and the premature death of one of those mobs will give some damage much earlier than another casted or channeled AoE could.

*If the adds have significant health, it is worthwhile to incendiary each one following with a hail of bolts. Doesn't happen too often though, maybe Trandoshans for Warlord Kephess.

IV. Tips & Tricks

If for some reason the cooldown of HiB gets lower than 6s (If you missed a proc or heavy movement) Spam abilities that don't proc HiB and wait for the natural cooldown. Then insta proc another HiB within seconds and resume your rotation. It ends up doing a bit more damage.

Plasma cell can be that one girl that never gives it up. Make sure its on your target at all times. Between the 6s natural cooldown of Plasma Cell and the 6s effect of Explosive round, you should be able to reapply it easier in case of a mess up.

Anticipate Mechanics
The Suit FOE is invaluable when it comes to your ability to survive. Even if it can't cleanse the enemy DoT, the 30% reduction in damage can mean life or death, especially in nightmare fights such as the corrosive grenade DoT from Captain Horic.

Keep in mind that most of your damage is from single target DPS, if there is a phase coming up for a burn phase, save cooldowns and relics for that, because you will excel.

More coming soon! Thank you for reading and feel free to add things you have found useful. Emphasis on Add.
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