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I thought the purpose of a class rep was to monitor the class forums, gather concerns about advanced classes, and articulate these to the Devs. I think its meant to foster a sense of hey-we-couldn't-make-sense-of-all-of-the-concerns-so-we-outsourced-it-to-active-forum-users.

I know some of the people who posted in this thread on my behalf, but I did not ask or encourage them to make inflammatory posts. The only thing I asked them for was their vote.

Incidentally, I think this post is equivalent to your "...minions com(ing) on this thread and post(ing) angry, font happy, tantrums..." minus the altered fonts obviously. Plus, in my opinion the post typifies how this has turned into a popularity contest. Or, the YouTube videos or the numerous other posts...

I don't doubt Gudarzz talents, nor do I think they very are relevant. I do feel his lack of involvement here is very relevant though. Being a great player and having top notch knowledge does nothing to alleviate players concerns if those qualities are not accessible or shared. To date, I have not seen Gudarzz do this.

Let's assume for a minute that Gudarzz knows everything about every spec for every situation for this class. As such, he already knows the best three questions to ask. This means he does not need to seek the advice and input of other forum users so on September 27th he can post his questions and be done with it? In this case, would you say the Class Rep concept succeeded?

Plus, I would also suggest the three questions he deems to be the best might not align with the broader community. Unfortunately, the concerns of the top 1% are not necessarily the concerns of the masses.

I am not suggesting this is what would happen. Still, I do think a disservice is being done to the Marauder forum readers when so many non-participants influence this vote. The only thing I can do about this for now is find 30+ more votes.

Yo Oofa here is a video