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FACT: 98.65% of PvP Marauders use the Smash button to kill other players

I had never heard of Gudarzz prior to the numerous nominations he received here. As someone else pointed out it was because he has not been engaged in the Class forums. And, I was surprised by how many votes he has actually received until I realized he is campaigning via his popular Twitch stream and the Bastionettes are colluding to ensure maximum representation from their server. To be clear, I am not complaining about either of these tactics, just pointing them out. Anyway, it sounds like Gudarzz is a great ambassador for this game. I can only hope that if he wins he will start engaging with this community here to ensure their concerns are accurately presented to the Devs.

For the record, I do PvP even though I am not very good at it, then again I don't think I am very good at PvE either. (Incidentally, when I PvP I do so as Carnage which puts me in the minority in that sense as well.) Fortunately, the only requirement of the class rep is to post in this forum and aggregate feedback. Clearly, I have been doing that already. In my opinion, the most valued traits are good organization and effective communication. I feel I excel in these areas, which is why I first accepted the nomination and continue to campaign for it.

Anyway, I hope I can close the gap even if I can't overtake Gudarzz. Thank you to everyone who has voted.

Remember: Vote Early and Vote Often!
Bastionette here, and I just wanted to let you know why we are all WORKING together. I would have thought that a server working so hard together, both the top PvE and PvP guilds, is what this whole class rep thing was supposed to foster. Every time i see a "We don't need a PvP Mara" comment i think those people really don't understand that this position is more about promoting community discussion than just having their minions come on this thread and post angry, font happy, tantrums.

Truth is, Gudarzz's knowledge of his class is top notch, which is why he is so popular on Twitch and well known. He also has already come to my guilds Marauders (which everyone knows ARE the best PvE Maras. Anyone wanna go against Gorband and Steadfast?) about PvE, just like the Paowee has already gone to <Hey I'm MVPs> Snipers and made a public spreadsheet for other snipers to contribute to. It's a little silly to poo-poo on community involvement and cohesion, since this is what the whole thing is about.

So, here's my endorsement, from the #1 US PVE Progression guild: Vote for Gudarzz!
(Who is also in Suckafish on his Jugg, which technically makes him a PvE'r)