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Just a couple of things, doesn't it sound a bit daft that we have 2 suggestions, 1 with 2 votes so far for arena's when they haven't actually been introduced yet? I'm sorry truely but that's just a waste of a question if either of those two gets the pvp vote. If there is a concern about the effectiveness of laze target and target aquired then we should formulate a question surrounding them without referencing Arena's (pvp row 3 of course).

Also what's the benefit of pvp row 8? Of all the questions we could possibly ask that has got to be the worst one. These are questions that BW have said they plan to go to great depths to answer properly and we're asking questions about a feature that hasn't actually been released yet and something that hasn't any tangible benefit to us in the slightest??

I don't get it, sorry if it offends anyone but I don''s insane.
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