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I came back to the game after a long hiatus just as the last Gree event was ending in May, So i missed getting Rep and the helix's and the whole 9 yards. I'm glad it's back for a two week period. This way i can FINALLY get legacy weapons. Although I'm not to pleased with the fact there isnt a legacy shield or focus which I just noticed now.
I personally cannot stand the PVP missions and i don't care if people call me out for QQ and how "it's not required to go to to the PvP zone" but the constant ganking by everybody is just getting on my fracking nerves just leave me the hell alone so i can do the missions as quick as possible and get the frack outta the zone. if they allow for rep items to be obtained via these missions they should include a PVE equivalent that gives you equal rep that doesnt involve going in the PvP zone. But once i get my legacy weapons I'll not do this set of dailies again. I don't care about a car nor do i care about PvP or the titles the PvP gives you. And maybe just maybe this round i can grind enough to be legend. If not i won't worry about it
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