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The Bounty Hunter story goes off the rails LS or DS after Act I, but at the end of Belsavis I stopped pretending that this was anything other than busywork to level. My second BH leveled primarily through PvP for this reason, but I still had to deal with Skadge.
One problem... freeing the Dread Guards is NOT a Bounty Hunter mission... it's a Planet mission. So, if you feel your Bounty Hunter wouldn't do it (and you aren't an OCD completionist like me) then just don't do it.

As for Skadge, Yeah... I don't like how you are forced to take this psychopathic sociopath with you... although it's rather funny, they actually seem to have written it to the idea, at least so far, that Scourge is useful, you just have to keep an eye on him... but I make it quite clear I don't like him... and he seems to LIKE it when tell him I hate him... total whack job, Skadge.
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