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So I'd like to understand how the Gunslinger Saboteur build can be so high compared to other pure dps builds, the sent for instance. Doesn't this show the Sab build is a little op and may get a nerf at some point.

Now before someone goes off on one me about nerfs I'm not asking for anything to be nerfed, I myself have 3 slingers.

I'm simply asking because a guildie says its fotm for sab slingersa then and means less competition for the other classes and possibly in need of a nerf if it really pulls 500 odd dmg more than anyone else...
Even if u master or idk cheat and use Macro for jump + bombs, which can fail too, or boss have big reticles and get hit by it too much, is not really the best spec you want to use in a raid group, pretty much like Pyro merc i would say... sniper stacked on melee range? lets go with a mara for that.... merc without tracer missile armor red? might as well just use a sniper for example comparing specs.

i tried saboteur, with my sniper on styrak fight, yes P1 i did like 250 more overall dps, but i was a *********** flying mosquito all over the place, on top of spits, annoying to play and to heal (i am not really experienced with it to say i was doing it perfect)... then chained phase was annoying i couldnt roll, i was just stunning - slowing stuff with aoe, was pretty much useless so high DPS doesnt always means, good dps or good utility.

i see saboteur fight being good in trasher for example, either boss huge *** reticle... or snipers AoE, nothing to lose there, besides that, nothing in SaV NiM i would think of, titan maybe, not worth it.
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