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1) Genuine Concern for the classes lacking aspects, neither Psi or myself will claim blissful ignorance about the class, Sorcs are far from in a great spot right now but they are also far from being in a bad place. We can bring unrivaled utility if played well and the emphasis is on PLAYED WELL
There's a problem when you see mediocre sorcs/sages change classes and all of a sudden are deemed good players. I will go more into detail on this in my following comment.

2) Which brings me to the second point LACK OF BASIC MECHANICAL PLAY - the Sorc/Sage player base as a whole lacks basic mechanical skills i wont go into depth on this because people will not listen its that simple but guys you lack basic mechanics even i do and so does Psi we all mess up the key is limiting factors that hinder your play.
Not 100 % sure what you are talking about here but I interpreted it as pretty much knowing and playing the class. On that note, sorc and sage are probably the easiest AC'es in the game, both from a keyboard point of view and in terms of keeping track of what's going on on the screen. So that is not the problem with the class. The problem is that the mechanics are bad and require more, in terms of situational awareness, from the player. I bet that 95 % of the player pool has never participated in a team sport so they don't have any practice when it comes to awareness of their surroundings and being able to foresee what other people are about to do. The only time they're snapping out of their tunneling is when someone calls INC, a scenario where everyone will "lemming" away. It's easier to play "your own game" on other AC'es , not all other AC'es but the vast majority of them. Try playing without a premade sometime and you'll discover how much of an objective class sorc/sage is when no one your team cares. As a stealther, tank, gunslinger or scoundrel you would have had a much bigger chance at playing the objective. As a sorc/sage you'll get 5 meters with the huttball if you don't have support and people will laugh at you if they find you on guard.

3) Outright refusal to believe its a lack of skill - this goes beyond mechanics and into people not having gear, not being at end game, being focus fired etc etc people cry and moan because they outright refuse to believe that they could have done anything different or that in the situation there simply was no way out (yes it happens death is unavoidable at times).
Going back to my first comment, how is that not a class issue? I don't necessarily think we have a survivability problem and I'm sure as hell not asking for more defensive crap BUT that's based on what I considered to be the archetype for a light armor class . We DO NOT, in relation to other classes, have the output you would expect for the archetype.